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Meet Sr. Mary-Joseph Thanh Agnes, the Pharmacist

Hello! My name is Sr. Mary-Joseph Thanh Agnes Nguyen, FMSR. I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe Pharmacy School in May 2002 and joined the Daughters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary on September 8, 2002.
Yes, I joined about four months after I graduated from pharmacy school! I worked for one year at Charity ospital from 2002-2003, then I took off for two years to prepare for my first vows in July 2005. After I made my profession of first vows, I was sent to work at Tulane University Hospital & Clinics, and I have been there until now.

What jumpstarts my day?

--Before heading to work, I start my day with Holy Mass and receive the Lord in Holy Communion. I ask the Lord and His Blessed Mother to work in me and with me. I also ask the Lord to bless those whom I will meet and serve that day.

As a religious sister and a pharmacist, what do I do at Tulane?

--As a pharmacist, I enter and fill the prescribed orders. I also compound medication that is from an oral tablet/capsule to a liquid for patients who can not swallow. I also prepare chemotherapy IVs for cancer patients; TPNs for patients who require further nutrients through an IV route. At times, I recommend doctors alternative medications when necessary. I enjoy what I do, and I give my very best. I often think to myself; I do my best, and God will take care of the rest. Afterall, it is God who is the miracle worker, not me. I really enjoy what I do because I know that I am serving Jesus in others!

What are some of the challenges I face each day?

--One of the challenges that I face is when a prescription is written for a contraceptive medication. When this happens, I refuse to fill it because it is against the Church’s teaching. Another challenge that I face is daily injustice in the work place and society.  Many days I come home from work tired and exhausted, but a few moments in silence before the Blessed Sacrament together with the support I get from my religious sisters give me the strength to move on each day. Thank God for my religious sisters and for the gift of silence in our convent!

Sr. Mary-Joseph Thanh, FMSR