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Welcome! We are delighted that you have found our congregation’s website and hopyou find the information here helpful.

Our assignment as a Vocation Team is a great grace. We thank God for the opportunity to work with one another and with the Holy Spirit as we speak with young women who are searching to know God’s plan for their lives. This restless search for a deeper meaning in life is one that confronts us all. Does one actually hear the voice of God? That would be nice, but not often does this happen. Sometimes it’s just a gentle whisper in your heart, a reoccurring thought, a suggestion or an invitation from someone. Each sister in the Vocation Team has a story of her own about how she has encountered the “voice of God” that has lead her on a remarkable and exciting journey with the Lord.

As a result, we hope to be of assistance to you as you discern and discover the plan of God for your life. As you begin your search for God and his Will, you may be surprised as to where He may lead you. Our suggestion in discerning God’s will is to be open and to surrender to Him—all your hopes, desires, and dreams—and allow Him to lead you on this journey of love. Truly, the Lord wants to lead you only to true love, happiness, fulfillment and fullness of joy.

If you sense a gentle whisper in your heart, had a reoccurring thought about religious life, encountered a suggestion or an invitation from someone, we invite you to contact our Vocation Team- call 504-486-0039 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please know that we are here and are more than happy to listen to your thoughts and answer any questions you may have. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

Please be assured of our prayers for you in your discernment.

Yours in Christ and our Lady of the Holy Rosary


Sr. M. Faustina Sandy Nguyễn, FMSR
Sr. M. Goretti Thu Vân Nguyễn, FMSR
Sr. M. Catherine Tuyết Mai Nguyễn, FMSR