“Can anything good come from Nazareth?”

Nathanael asked, “Come and see.” said Philip.

                (John 1:46)




Nathanael was an honest man who meant what he said. Jesus complimented him on his character. It is hard to find one these days. This story reminded me of how I felt about myself when I first joined the community. At 17 years old, I was managing my family. I did all the housework at home. But when I entered the convent, I had to learn to listen to what others tell me what to do. I had to start from the beginning during this time of early formation.


Obeying was difficult for me. Sometimes, I would deliberately "disobey" orders. I felt at times that my level of obedience was being tested. I thought that if I didn't follow the rules, I could be sent home at any time. Despite my frustration with this possibility and didn't want to be arrogant, I quietly swallowed my pride. Moreover, I saw that Jesus' disciples, like Peter and Thomas, had to learn to be humble, gentle, mercifi kind. Following Christ meant completely giving up your own will.


"Can anything good come from Nazareth?" Can anything good come from me? I wondered. Of course, God created me as a good person from the beginning, but sin, pride, and other influences shaped my personality. I needed to grow out of these weaknesses. "God, I surrender," I declared at this point, "I want to follow you." Regardless of who or what I am, I imagined myself as Lazarus and the rich man. I knew one thing is certain: God will not abandon me. He is merciful and kind. He gives everyone a chance to grow. Even if he thinks I am not the right person for this vocation, I will remain at the gate until he accepts me.


Every morning, I wake up and thank God that I am still alive. When it comes to my religious vocation, I feel proud and honored. I'm still here after nearly 32 years in this vocation. It has not been easy; it is filled with uphill and downhill moments. On occasion, I would cry myself to sleep. At other times, I would cry during prayer.


I have faith that Jesus answers my prayers, es, it is challenging, but necessary. Life is meaningless if there are no challenges. After all, Jesus is from Nazareth. Jesus is the answer to every problem. He's simply being silent and quiet at times, but always here.

I hope you can experience and abide in his love for you.If I can do it, you can too. Gan anything good come from Nazareth? Yes! Jesus the Savior! He is good to both you and me. All the time!


Tan Biến FMSR