Christi Trúc Linh Nguyen is a 17-yr-old confirmation student at Vietnamese Martyrs Church in Biloxi, MS.
She and 20 other young adults received the Sacrament of Confirmation on 6/2/2017. She is the eldest of 4 children in her family. She attended religion class from kindergarten to 12th grade. At first, going to religion or CCD class was imposed upon her by her parents; parents generally want their children receiving religious instructions to learn moral values. Gradually however, she came to CCD class out of her own free will. She had turned it into something that she would like to do. She taught herself Vietnamese, especially at home with her family and parents. She would speak Vietnamese to them. Her retention of the Vietnamese language was also greatly enhanced by her involvement in parish activities and joining the choir.
Her motto to young people today: Ground yourself. No matter what, God is always with you. Through the thick and thin of life. Don’t walk away from the Church, don’t walk away from God. Give Him a chance. The Bible verse Christi uses as a guide for her journey on this earth is: I can do all things in Christ (Phil 4:13). She is looking forward to attending the University of Alabama for pre-med.

SeanNguyen1. What is Confirmation?
Confirmation is when I am sealed with the grace of the Holy Spirit and deepen my faith to fulfill the Sacrament of Baptism.

2. How long did you attend CCD class to receive Confirmation?
I started going to CCD at this parish at a young age. I received First Communion, and then my family moved from Biloxi. I moved back here two years ago and restarted CCD classes and received Confirmation this year.

3. What did you do to prepare for Confirmation?
Aside weekly CCD class, my classmates and I attended the retreat directed by the Holy Rosary Sisters.

4. What is your impression about the retreat?
It was very powerful. I had a chance to get closer and understand more about my friends, especially I learned to think more when making decision, consider whether it is right or wrong to do.

5. When you receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, you are filled with seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Which one do you need the most and why?
I need the gift of Fortitude, because the Holy Spirit will strengthen me to overcome all the challenges and difficulties in life. Also Fortitude will help me to understand that nothing is impossible with God.

6. Now you are the true witness of God. What will you do to fulfill that mission?
I will come back and help the sisters with the CCD program.




Q - What is your name?
A - Dạ, Nhi.

Q - How long have you been in CCD program?
A - I started from “Mẫu Giáo” to 2nd grade in Vietnam. And I continued the 3rd grade and First Communion at Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Parish in the United States.

Q - What is the Holy Spirit?
A - Holy Spirit gives us graces that we need to live in our daily life?

Q - What is the most needed Gift of the Holy Spirit that you need or you wish to have? Why?
A - The gift that I wish to have is Wisdom because Wisdom will help me to know right from wrong.

Q - According to Father Thang’s homily, after you receive gifts of the Holy Spirit, you need to exercise and help these gifts to grow each day. How would you make these gifts grow?
A - I think I will come back and help to teach young children in the parish’s CCD program.


Bước vào tháng Mân Côi, trường GLVN đã làm một chuỗi Mân Côi lớn, sơn 5 mầu tượng trưng cho 5 châu. Trong Thánh Lễ thứ Bảy đầu tháng các em rước vào đặt trước bàn thờ để nhắc nhớ mọi người “hãy năng lần hạt Mân Côi”. Chiến dịch truyền bá Kinh Mân Côi bằng cách các lớp thi đua đọc Kinh Mân Côi. Ba lớp đọc Kinh Mân Côi nhiều nhất sẽ được thưởng.