KevinKevin is a 3rd grade CCD student at Mary Assumption Catholic Church in Avondale, LA. Like any children his age, he is talkative and helpful. In the classroom, when everyone is silent, Sr. Kim Dung, FMSR, points out pictures of the vessels used at Eucharistic Celebration. After that, each student gathers in their assigned group and cut out pictures of the vessels and label them as instructed by Sr. Kim Dung. After the class, I had a conversation with Kevin.

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kevin: I want to be a cop so I can give out tickets.

2. What do you do at home?
Kevin: I help out my dad.

3. What does your dad do?
Kevin: He does everything.

4. So he is a handy man?
Kevin: No, he just does everything and I help him put the cross bar when he lays down tiles on the floor.

5. What did you learn in CCD class today?
Kevin: I learn about a ciborium and it’s a dish to hold Jesus during mass.ciborium