BritneyNguyenBritney Nguyễn is a third-grade student in CCD class at St. Thomas Thien School at Mary Queen of Vietnam Church. She arrived late for the line up prior to class start time because she was trying to finish her homework. Her favorite subject in school is Math. On April 30, 2017, she received First Communion. Throughout the year, she has been taught about the Sacrament of the Eucharist, how to go to Confession, The 10 Commandments, and memorizing prayers.

Q. Are you excited?
A. Yes, I am very excited. My mom picked out the white gown for me to wear on that special day. I tried it on already. And hopefully, I will have a white crown to go with the gown.

Q. Are you nervous about going to confession?
A. Yes, I am very nervous. But my teacher prepares me for it, so I am not too scared when I go to confession.

Q. What do you enjoy most when you go to CCD class each weekend?
A. When we watch videos about Jesus and God.

Q. What are you doing in class today.
A. We have 2 exams today. I am ready. I make good grades.